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I'll be doing a short set of my songs at around 7pm. Great artist throughout the day: LOVE CONCERT 4:10 Drum Circle 4:30 The Mammals 4:45 David Klotz- Beatles Sing-a-long 5:10 Denise Ruelas 5:15 Gabe Gabriel Harris 5:30 Gary Malkin 5:50 Free Affection 6:15 Lakshmi DelSestoi Kirtan 6:45 Kerin Meri and Devi Daly 7:00 Pollyanna Bush 7:20 Tom Finch 7:40 Robert Matthew Powelll 8:00 Brian Judd 8:20 DRUMMING and AllStar Jam


Robert M Powell & The Rolling Bobs

Lagunitas Brewery , 1280 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, CA

Are we rolling Bob? Tim Baker, JT John, Jeffrey Beauchamp and Rob Powell folk - country - reggae - rock the house for three hours starting at 4:20! Come on down! If you drink beer this place is world calss and if you don't you must try their 'Hop Water' - it's uniquely tasty and superior to any NA/near/fake beers.